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(pwn-sook): This chick is hella crazy. She will swear you out in an instant if you look at her wrong. But don't worry if you get to know her, you get to see that she's not to bad. She's really cute, but she won't admit it. She will turn down any nice comments about how she looks. Her ninja powers will overpower anyone that steps in her path. She plays xbox like a pro and sometimes like a noob. Her parents are pretty chill, but their thai traditions just don't work with her lifestyle. If you meet a Pholsook you better hope that it's not because you look at her in a bad way.
Guy 1: Did you see that girl, OMG!
Guy 2: Dude a total Pholsook.
Girl 1: I wish I was her. :(
by KDubbz14 November 23, 2010
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