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noun/adj. A resilient family of refugees who evaded capture, landmines, mortar, and gunfire to escape Pol Pot's (Khmer Rouge) Killing Fields into Thailand's refugee camps to settle in the United States of America.

adj. Heat packin' Cambodians/Khmers/Markman Shooters in US Military.
That immigrant family that was just harassed by the brothas and the skin-heads are still here in Tacoma, and they're packin' those are some Phol muthafuckas.

Phol: Why are you sending me home without protection and without notifying my parents when someone called my house and threaten to kill me at school?
Tacoma PD: Well, we don't know what you and your friends are packin'. We rather you have a shootout outside of school grounds.
Phol: Isn't it your job to protect and serve? I am a US Citizen you know?
Tacoma PD: Yes, we're servin' you to the hitman whose gonna serve Phol muthafucka!
by NoOneInParticular... October 31, 2011
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adj. a kind of person who is a nipple head and also a girl trapped in a boy's body.
who is that guy who is a nipple head? who else,PHOL..
by anti-phol association September 19, 2003
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a kind of person who likes sex, but a God fearing person. adj, cute, simple, sporty and sexy...09198901430, text right away...!!!!
Girls like a phol kind person.
by Anonymous September 15, 2003
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