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Noun- A fictional story with excessive delusional angles that it causes confusion and is sometimes mistaken for nonfiction.
Okay, start from the beginning again. This whole story sounds like a Phoenix Jones.
by MaidenMayhem August 04, 2011
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1. (person) Phoenix Jones is the leader of the Rain City Superhero Movement, Seattle WA. At night, he enters a secret room of an unnamed comic book store, dons a black and gold superhero costume, and a few anti-criminal toys including a bulletproof vest with stab plating, a taser, a nightstick, and mace.

2. (verb) ie "going Phoenix Jones" on someone would be referring to stepping up to an altercation or crime and attempting to end it and/or detain the individuals responsible
2. (verb) "911 operator, this is 911 what are you reporting. IM ON SECOND AND PINE THERE IS A MAN WITH A STICK THREATENING PEOPLE I NEED POLICE BACK UP 911 operator ok what is the man wearing. HE ...IS IN A BLACK SHIRT AND BLUE JEANS HE HAS A HUGE WOODEN STICK HE IS HARD TO MISS ok the police are on there way can you stay there to make a statement. YES BUT IF HE SWINGS THAT STICK ONE MORE TIME IM GONNA HAVE TO STOP HIM ok sir please dont go phoenix jones on me
by AcidRayneSideshow July 30, 2011
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