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A portmanteau based on the words 'phlegm' and 'smegma'.

It is generally used to express ones disgust at something.

It can also refer to the fluid outcome of fellatio administered to someone with scant notions of personal hygiene, by an individual with a bad chest infection.
a: "Hey, look at that chungster with the peng garms. I'd very much like to bang them."
b: "What? You mean that tepid pool of phlegma over there. You make me sick you rapey perv!"
by Exceedingly Concerned Citizen September 04, 2011
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a man who eats fried chicken while engaging in sexual intercourse, and shoves the remaining chicken bones in the women's vagina, then fishes them out with their toes, and repeats the process within the women's anus.
I got some chicken, want to do some phlegma tonight baby?
by niggiszubrennan October 02, 2011
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