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A phlamingoe is a grown man that has the audacity to wear the color pink. It's not that he wears it, but rather that he becomes it. He does everything from painting his nails pink, to drinking strawberry milk, to getting a pink tinted spray-tan. He drives a pink Porsche, and has a chihuahua with a pink collar. His house is pink. His iPhone case is red (they were out of pink), but he bleached it so now it's kinda pink. Close enough. His golf clubs are pink, and his credit cards are pink (which he uses to buy other pink things). He only eats pink food (he believes that he will one day become pink through the same process as a flamingo. Hence the name "phlamingoe"). This man is PINK. Pink, pink, pink. And gay.
Guy: Awh man, that is one pink dude.
Other guy: That's a phlamingoe if I've ever seen one.

First guy: Bruh...
by Wordsmith1642 October 15, 2014
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