Phizer is the midichlorian of Awesomeness within every living thing.
Much like how midichlorians link a person to the Force this links us to the Awesome. It's the same Awesome the Fonz used to turn a jukebox on while hitting it. That is the way of the Phizer, the Awesome. But with every good Phizer there is a dark Phizer just as there are Jedi and Sith with the Force, people with the dark Phizer are simply known as Douchebags. 
Phizer can also be used as a word to exclaim or call something or someone cool and or awesome. Or you can go one up and say Phizerific. But if you're refering to a douchebag then the word becomes an insult.
"Dude you are so one with the phizer."

"That guy is such a phizing douchebag."

"I had the best day yesterday, it was phizerific."

"Man, does she have a great and phizer ass or what."
by Master Phizer February 7, 2010
Some that lacks intellection and shames others of there appearance or misinforms others of them being gay
Jarred: That’s why you fucking ugly, ugly fucking stick head ass, big nose faget small dick white boy looking head ass

Johnson: your a phizer
by Bog Water February 12, 2021