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Philosocrastination is the synergistic (jargon.1) combination of philosophy.6 and procrastination where discussions about subjects like self.5 nothingness and meaning are substituted for the regularly worthless activities and subjects of procrastination like blogging.2 youtube.3 and general arsing about, validifying the misuse of time by engaging in legitimately non-productive activities.

The satisfaction found in philosocrastination is borne in the knowledge that you have utterly wasted ur time by delving into a field of thought that is renound for not producing a commercially viable product, or concrete outcome...... ever... yet still manages to hold respect among the learned and intellectual of society.

In summary: Philosocrastination - The art of wasting time in the most wastefull way possible, without that dirty feeling of having wasted time.
Philosocrastination can make you go blind.
by Spare Ion July 01, 2006
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