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To use one's acquired knowledge, no matter the size to explain any sort of phenomena occurring in one's surroundings, regardless of lacking all basic knowledge of the situation at hand, relying on the creativity of one's own inner 6'th grade level imagination in order to prove one's intelligence superior to all surround peers in an adult environment.
At work, Tom walked into a conversation where employees were attempting to demonstrate the new business strategy amongst each other. Tom decided to spout his opinion in the form of a "phillism" with a half heartened grin on his face that he didn't need to review along with the other employees because if he could figure out how to tie a "tie" that morning, he could easily figure the "core competency return to configure the optimal fund turn-over rate for the last quarter's marketing campaign segment". As Tom walked away satisfied with his attempt, all the other employees looked at each other puzzled and asked each other, "why the janitor was at work so early"?
by Awesome123 April 10, 2012
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