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One bad ass mother fucker, Been around since 1997. The wild animal has a mullet, and can pull any girls with the snap of his fingers. He's a hard workin' , family loving man! Who has the biggest heart of all men. Chews nothing but Copenhagen Wintergreen, Smokes nothing but Marlboro Reds, and drinks nothing but PBR. Owns a turkey named Tom, and a Turtle named Bubba. Drives a red lifted Jeep Cherokee, and also owns a 1996 Dodge Neon he claims is a racecar. He's been to jail twice for Whoopin' two guys ass, twice his size, twice. Came out with a jail tat, and a Chevy brand on his ass. Blairs David Allen Coe and Colt Ford Daily.
Becky "Is that a Phillip Lamanno over there?"
Shelby "I cant tell, does he have a mullet?"
Becky "Yes!!!"
* Panties drop*
by Hank Williams Jr June 12, 2015
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