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fh·ill·avor Pronunciation fh-hil-avor

This is the Donald Trump of all compliments, regards, and flattery.
A golden term that someone of ultimate success should be praised with. Select few are able to bathe in this words rewards, and will know when they are worthy.
The P in Philavor must always be capitalized in any situation, to tower over the other words.
"Flavor" the terms brother, is often mid-handled, overplayed, and looked down apon by most. Slightly pro-nounced differently, though noticeable to those who have Philavor.
"I can't believe that she gave me her number, this is so Philavor!"

"I'm excited to goto the party tonight, I hope I have great Philavor though."

"Lindsey you have alot of Philavor tonight girl!"

"He just sits there, and the girls come to him. I wish I had that much Philavor."

"NEDM Philavor!"

"I can't believe I won black-out on Bingo" Your friend responds; "Damn Philavor man."
by Hmmsphil April 03, 2007
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