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Phil Lynott rose to fame as the bass pounding lead singer of 'Thin Lizzy'. Although other definitions on this site state these facts, he did not die of a heroin overdose and he was not born in Crumlin. He was born in West Bromwich in England, but was raised in Crumlin. He died of multiple organ failure after many years of heroine abuse. He was in the hospital for a week before dying. Phil Lynott was the coolest man around. He was once asked what it was like to be black and Irish. He replied - "Like a Pint of Guiness". Ever the joker and the ladies man, Phil was also one tough guy, and was quick to defend his friends with his fists and his razor sharp tongue if needed. He is missed dearly to this day, and has left one of the greatest legacies in rock music behind him.
An example of Phil Lynott's razor sharp tongue:

When told about a bad review he recieved from a reporter who was well known for not liking Hard Rock music, Phil replied 'If you see him, tell him I think he is a cunt, and if he is around when you are... (and you will point him out to me) I'm gonna knock his fucking head off.'
by El Dentonio April 10, 2009
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Absolutely amazing musician. Born and raised in Crumlin. Formed a band that went by the name of Thin Lizzy. He had a very cool afro and was "so Irish he sometimes forgot he was black". He had a very distinct Irish Accent. he is one of the greatest musicians in the world.
"Are there any girls out there with a bit of Irish in them? Are there any girls out there, whod like a bit more Irish in them?"
by Peter August 04, 2004
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legendary singer of 'thin lizzy' died in 1986 of a heroin overdose
any of the gals out there want a bit more irish in them
by steevy price price price April 01, 2003
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