"Phil the Shill" is the title of an episode of Miami Vice that starred Phil Collins as a scam artist who immigrated to America from his native U.K. to escape taxes and prosecution. He was a TV game show host, later on he took a suitcase with over a million bucks in it and vanished. He reappeared on cable TV as televangelist "Father Phil", perfoming fake exorcisms and saying "give me your money, and I will give you a miracle". Phil Collins in real life is noted for his charm and amiability, and his portraying of an iritable greedy bastard shows that he makes a good actor as well as musician. He acted in theater as a kid and made his movie debut as a crowd extra in "A Hard Day's Night". Also check out the flick "Buster" from 1988.
Luke: Whatcha watchin' on the boob tube, dude?

George: Just a stupid infomercial hosted by Phil the Shill.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice November 13, 2007