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An occurence which is made possible through the actions of only one known sentient being; Mnai.
Known Phenomnai includes: getting famous world renowned sayings wrong, going to extreme measures to help someone who may or may not want/need Mnai's help, falsely introducing yourself as "Terry", placing Mnai's fingers on the counter of a retailer (usually a retailer of confectionary foodstuffs) when attempting to make an order, ordering things nobody else would order, performing the ass-dance, doing everything in Mnai's power to recover Mnai's hat once it has been forcefully removed form Mnai's head (this Phenomnai has seen a decline of occurrence in recent times), performing a metamorphosis into a being known as "Professional Mnai" in which Mnai is pleasant and displays traits associated with normal people, regurgitating vast amounts of bile, originating from the continent of Africa yet has no tolerance for heat at all, the tendency to perform a "Dip" or in extreme cases a "Spirit Dip" in the aforementioned hot situations, doing everything in Mnai's power to receive all cool air from any fans in the vicinity, the ability to sweat immensely even when receiving all the cool air from the aforementioned fans, the unwavering love for power ballads, uses a curious technique of Mnai's creation to header footballs, the ability to not understand or accept instructions, the tendency to befriend and proceed to abuse domestic animals, Mnai's ability to exploit bugs in video games for personal gain, the inability to enjoy video games without having cheats or setting the AI of the game to the easiest possible setting available, the overwhelming need to co-operate on video games, the ability to hype things up immensely even though Mnai is aware this will doom the thing Mnai is hyping, the tendency to get extremely excited about something only to be broken immediately after, the tendency to generally become broken often, the ability to perform the "Mnai Pass".
by The Boy May 24, 2004
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