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Verb (past tense)

Definition: To have been confident that you would win a competition, due to holding a large lead over the opponent who was in 2nd place behind you, only to lose at the last moment, in a manner which would need to have been viewed with one's own eyes to be believed.
DeAndre placed his hands on Karronda's hips, and began to thrust his pelvis towards her nether regions, in an attempt to fornicate in a canine manner, but shockingly, mere fractions of a second before contact could be made, another man "phelpt" DeAndre, shoving him to the ground at the very last moment, taking Karronda for himself.

"You have been Phelpt, DeAndre!" exclaimed the surprise victor, who won Karronda over with only moments to spare, to DeAndre's great surprise.
by bfactor August 01, 2009
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