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Phatt Pants (also known as Phatties or Phatts) are loose fitting pants made from denim or other durable materials.

The pants are fitted to the waist, however expand towards the ground where the feet are completely covered by the pants due to their width. The pants are generally covered in different designs of reflective material, ravers take pride in making their own designs in order to display their individuality on the dance floor.

Phatt Pants are usually worn by ravers who dance to genres of music such as Hardstyle, Hardcore, Techno and other electronic music. They are most commonly associated with the dance known as the Melbourne Shuffle.

The purpose of covering the feet and the use of reflective materials is that when in a rave, only the reflectors can be seen, giving the impression that the dancer is gliding across the dance floor. They also just look totaly awesome!
Dude those are totally awesome Phatt Pants!

That guy looks amazing in those Phatties!

Far out! The Phatts make him glide!
by d5ive November 05, 2010
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