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An overworked, understaffed, not necessarily underpaid, legal community drug dealer wearing a short, dirty, white lab coat and employed by a Fortune 500 mass merchandiser, grocer, large retail chain, or healthcare institution; a pharmatard graduates from pharmacy school with a vast array of knowledge and factual tidbits relating to pharmacotherapy but eventually becomes a dumbed-down, amorphous, human mass as a result of continuous verbal abuse from those illegitimately seeking controlled substances despite various federal and state regulations governing their dispensation in addition to psychological stress imparted through dealings with uneducated physician office staff, under-educated nursing staff, and egotistical, arrogant practitioners with established prescriptive authority yet complete disregard for the deleterious consequences of polypharmacy, drug-drug, drug-food, and drug-disease interactions that may hinder optimal therapeutic outcomes; also, an empty shell of a pharmacist, who makes bogus recommendations regarding self-treatment of certain disease states with nonprescription, over-the-counter (OTC) drug therapy
Mike was nominated as the employee of the month, even though he is the biggest pharmatard that works here. How did that happen?
by Pharminator July 27, 2010
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A pharmacist who refuses to provide access to birth control based on a moral or religious inclination towards forced childbirth. A pharmacist who's actions deny access to any form of birth control based on "moral principles" of religious freedom, making the amazing argument that it a threat to their freedom to deny a consumer access to choice in an otherwise rational, free market society.
Susan tried to get the morning after pill down the street, but she should have known some pharma-tard would stop her because of the massive creepy crosses plastered all over the building.
by obesiverse April 05, 2013
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