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When a group of people are standing around, and someone farts, but the culprit is too ashamed to admit it, and nobody knows who commited such tomfoolery. Also, only the dead are above suspicion.
The Cast:

The scene takes place while 7 teens are in an elevator at the top floor of a 13 story hotel. None of them know each other, but they are linked by a horrific crime.

Dan: Hey, second floor please.

Susanne: Me too.

Suddenly, everyone is alerted by strange but natural occurance.


Dianne- What in the hell was that?

Anne: Hello everyone, would you like to play a game?

Stan: Real funny you sick bitch!

Anne: I did not commit this treachery but I will find out who did. The elevator is sealed and we will only escape if we call the operator. I will not let anyone touch this phone unless the perpatrater is brought to justice. If we don't escape, the gas will eventually end us. We have three minutes.

Dot: (whimpering in fetal postion) I DON'T WANT TO DO IT MOMMY, I DON'T WANT TO DIE

Roxanne: This is blaspheme! And only for some Phamtom Gas?!

Susanne: Why so angry, you fat dame, GOT SOMETHING TO HIDE?

Roxanne: No it wasn't me you nincompoop.

Stan: Well you're both cotton-headed ninny-muggins.

Dan: Oh no no, neither of them are cotton-headed ninny-muggins, guy. Is this what we've succumbed to?

Dianne: Well if the flux capacit...(gag)

Suddenly the seven young teens collapse and die. Anne, the suicidal debate team president, was the last to die. She passed away laughing, as it was her phantom gas all along.
by Mother Fucker Extrodinaire November 28, 2009
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