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SMOD on thec0re, most sympathetic and most respectable person you will most likely come across. May be used as a noun or verb. Also leads the +REP race.
Noun: A Phant0mzero ran across the road, my dad drove it over, but it knocked us right of the road. Not to mention it just walked off.

Verb: If I see you in here again, I will phant0mzero your ass!
by Darkcha0s April 27, 2008
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An intelligent character who thinks beyond anyone else's capabilities, who sees through the minds and hearts of those who become corrupt, injust, cold-hearted and insane. He seeks true meaning, and won't stop until he gets an answer. Phant0mZero is smart, capable, and able to act in an unpredictable manner.
That Phant0mZero had me fooled for the whole time!
Man, this Phant0mZero is always two steps ahead of me.
by shrapn3l June 24, 2008
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