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A cigarette brand by the Norwegian man Halfdan Petterøe. He founded the Petterøes tobacco company in 1900, whom his daughter (Aase Petterøe) inherited after his death in 1939.

The smoking brand is one of Norways most popular and best known. It's also known for its well rounded taste and average cut. Not too perfumed, not too neutral.

The Petterøes tobacco is something for anyone, anywhere.
However you will get addicted and die. (Joke)
Dude 1: What's that in your mouth ?

Dude 2: A cigarette ?

Dude 1: Well then it better be a Petterøes !

Dude 2: It is !?

Dude 1: Oh, ok.
by IHateZellerZeller January 25, 2010
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