The principle that people will rise to the level of their own incompetence. People get promoted by being good, but not when they're lousy at their job. The Peter Principle states that people will be promoted until they enter a job that they are no good at, and there they will stay forever.

That's why every career manager is terrible at his job.
Bob made middle manager thanks to the Peter Principle.
by suncrush January 2, 2006
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Description of phenomenon by which the most incompetent members of a given organization will inevitably, inexorably, incomprehensibly rise to the the highest levels of power. In short, a person's responsibilities are inversely related to that person's ability to perform said responsibilities.
George W. Bush's Presidency is the Peter Principle in its most horrible realization.
by Lumberg February 18, 2005
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Related to the Peter Principal (by Dr. Laurence J. Peter) that describes job promotion to the point of incompetence, the e-Peter Principal occurs when we purchase a piece of technology that finally exceeds our ability to competently use the technology for the intended purpose. For some of us, it's the treadmill that becomes the close-hangar, for others it is the digital camera that serves as a paper weight because we are tired of buying memory cards and stuffing them full of photos...
What happened? Margie used to be able to text message on her cell.

Yeah, but the new toy hit her with an e-Peter Principle. She can't even answer a phone call.
by _B_ May 2, 2007
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Peter Parker Principle: With great power comes great responsibility.

Commutative Property of the Peter Parker Principle: With great responsibility comes great power.
Totalitarian States often fail because of the Commutative Property of the Peter Parker Principle.

As the responsibilities of the State inevitably increase, so too must its centralization of powers. Since power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, it is inevitable for a Totalitarian State to eventually become an Authoritarian one. Under this same principle, it is inevitable for an Authoritarian State to eventually become a Tyrannical one. A Tyrannical State intrinsically produces dissidents, whom fight the State until death or dissolution.
by M4G1S00 March 30, 2021
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