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A lover of succulent plants who practices proplifting - secretly taking fallen succulent leaves/pedals from others' plants - for the purpose of propagation (growing a new plant.)

Depending on context and emphasis, "petalphile" might be used as a derogatory term, but is usually heard as a quasi-humorous term of endearment.
"I saw you pocket those fallen succulent pedals in the store - you're such a petalphile." (Be sure to enunciate clearly to avoid ambiguity and confusion of this with the similar, but deadly serious, term from which this is a play on words.)
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by mesi June 04, 2018
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a woman who is constanly wants flowers so she can use them as forget me nots
"he loves me he loves me not" (while picking apart the petals on a flower) "hey quick being such a petalphile and go out with him allready"
by themaninside_yourhead September 25, 2011
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