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A virtual pet site that is fairly new. It's pretty much Neopets just with less mods and rules, more 4chan like feel, and lots and lots of little children to prey upon. The pets are drawn by Becca / Bexxy (sounds like Boxxy, coincidence?) who also draws for many other sites and makes bank off of it. The best way to make money on this site is to buy 'dPoints' for USD and sell them. So only the rich can become rich and the ones who can't spend USD on virtual shit are pretty much screwed unless you become a gold digger!

The community consists of mainly 12-year-olds who go on 4chan and constantly talk about memes and try to be cool. They all make it blatantly clear that they go on /b/, altho they are, infact, 12 years old, they don't care. THEY are the reason that /b/ is full of newfaggy children instead of the badasses who used to inhabit it. These children also go on 'tinychat' a lot, on webcam, so they are just OPENING themselves up to being preyed upon.

So if you feel like 'becoming friends' with a bunch of 12 years old underageb&s who like to go on webcam and will do anything for dPoints, petRPG is the site for you!
hai im trouble fapfapfap eventho im fucken 12 years old i still go on 4chan and talk about it with my petrpg buddies. hay lets go on and i'll do stuff on webcam for you for money lolol
by Trouble's a bitch July 08, 2011
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