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What stupid uneducated people call their dogs that are in fact pit bulls. Many cholos are fond of the term. Such cholos choose to get a pit bull as a sign of their machismo, usually an unaltered male pit bull that eventually becomes aggressive due to poor training from an idiotic owner that thinks it is called a pet bull because it is a pet.
God Alva at my old job was such an idiot. She kept talking about how she never kept her pet bull or Rotweiller on a leash and she didn't understand why the neighbor was mad when it took her cat's head off.

Vato Loco: Ay ese, my pet bull had puppies.

Papi Chulo: Si mon. 'Member you said I could have one of your pet bull puppies? Feed him raw meat, yo.
by Alicia S. January 10, 2009
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