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1. A term used by players of the MMORPG to describe the current class favored by the Blizzard development team (most notably Eyonix) which receives unprecedented consideration and favored treatment.

2. In any MMORPG a character class which relies heavily on a tamed pet, bound demon, or some other minion.
1. "Dude, patch 3.2 is out and it seems that the pet class is still the paladin."

"That's Eyonix for you. What a douche."

2. "I can't decide if I want to be a healer or a pet class."

"You can be be both - be a paladin."

"No, I meant like a hunter or a warlock or someone who can crank out serious damage."

"Um... yeah.... Be a paladin."
by Malazoth August 04, 2009
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