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(1) As a dilemma: Whether it is worse to *find* porn so disturbing it requires eyebleach, or to be looking for it in the first place.
(2) As a trend: The more socially-accepted someone's fetish is, the less likely he or she is to talk about it in an online forum or community. This is because it is very difficult to start furry drama over and/or bawwww about "ordinary" kinks not being accepted. See also attention whore, babyfur, and bestialist.
(1) Ben: If rhinos don't want to be raped by elephants, then maybe they shouldn't dress so provocatively. (Picture of a rhino in panties.)
Houngan: I don't know which would be worse; that you made this picture or found this picture.
Ben: Top Google image hit for "sexy rhino."
Rywill: Turns out that finding it was worse.
Rimbo: That, or looking for it?
Ben: Wow, the Pervert's Paradox.

(2) The Pervert's Paradox is killing the furry fandom.
by Adrimor May 21, 2009
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