What people THINK most, if not all of the furry fandom is full of, when in fact, the people that spread furry drama are simply the ones in that group that people stereotypically associate with furries, that actually make up a small portion, and are disliked by other furries, as well, for "proving" the stereotype. Ironically, if there were less people that spread the stereotype, there would be less fuel to the furry drama fire.
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by John Doe from Texas April 13, 2008
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furry drama
1.Furries that are also emo like being overdramatic about things, sometimes just because they have an audience, and at other times because their lives are meaningless and they like dicking around with people. Most of the time, because of both. They tend to do things like faking their own deaths, being touchy pussies about everything, and quitting their hobby(writing, drawing, etc) when a single person puts them down, and then bitching about it.
Unfortunately, 99% of the furry population is like this.
Example of furry drama:
Furry #1: Omfg, I like, like, uhhh...don't enjoy being a furry anymore...boo hoo hoo...what should I do? ...I KNOW! I'll fake suicide on the internet!
Furry #1's friends: *grieve* You were a great person...
-Some months later-
Furry #1: Hay guyz I'm back and err...yeah I didn't REALLY die...I know I was screwing around with you all, but errr... we can still have orgiez, riet? =(
Furry #1's friends: You fucking bastard. *kills Furry #1 for being an attention seeking bitch*
by Ishuta October 24, 2005
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