Perv Row is a term that refers to the row of seating typically bordering the dance floor in a strip club. Its usually reserved for your greasy grey tops and overly juiced up frat boys.
If you have to tilt your head back to see the stripper your sitting in perv row. If you can smell the strippers 6 dollar walmart special perfum your sitting in perv row.
by Stephan B. June 16, 2006
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Perve row are the chairs closest to the stripper platform. Usually older men, will sit in these spots for a good amount of time, while their wife is at home wondering where the hell they are at. Younger men avoid staying in this spot too long due to stripper budgets. It's a spot at the club with the most live action.

The name originated from strippers ranting about old, weird men. They often call it Perve row, yet they do not realize their profession is more degrading than the people watching them.
Bro #1: "Hey man lets sit on Perve row, I can't see from the bar over here."
Bro #2: "What? I can't afford to make it rain, she will squeeze the singles out of me."
by Blackjack.Hefe October 5, 2015
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