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A submission move from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu sometimes used in MMA style fighting. For this move you must be facing towards and be above the victim, who generally must be on the ground. One arm goes around the neck, the other under the opposite armpit, then they are locked and pulled in towards you. Next, put the first leg over the victims back, desirably the leg corresponding to whichever arm is around the victims neck. Then, throw the other leg over. To complete this move crank back with your torso, and the straightening action of your body applies considerable pressure to the victims neck.
I was going to put that guy in a Guillotine choke, but that's what he was expecting, so i sank the Peruvian Necktie in instead.
by MattInTheCouv January 02, 2010
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1.(n.)also known as a bolivian necktie. It is a form of murder most common in prisons where one uses a sharp blade such as an illegally acquired knife or razor blade to cut a "V" shape around the area of the victim where a necktie would be worn

2.(n.)In the drug world it is a form of punishment for not paid their "bill." A gasoline soaked tire(usually of a volvo) is placed around a victims neck which is then lit on fire.
1. Johnny found out that it was Stubby who notified the guards about his secret collection of assorted crude razor blades and had them confiscated. In response he gave him a Peruvian Necktie on his 35th birthday

2. Given the clients excessive and overdue tab, the drug dealer ordered his men to give a bonus peruvian necktie on the clients next shipment of yeyo
by Randy Gee August 12, 2006
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