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A hug that can be designed to be extremely pleasurable to any individual. Hugs can consist of varied lengths of time from short squeezes to long lingering hugs. They can include various qualities of arm action ranging from the hover hand to gentle squeezes of ones tush. They can also vary the the amount of body contact from a nice forearm embrace, to a "butt out" hug, to even a tummy embrace. Really, the possibilities of a Personalized hugs are endless and designed to be patient centered to establish a good rapport between "hugger" and "huggie"
Person 1: Hey did you hear that you can get Personalized hugs if you sign up and play dodgeball?

Person 2: oh really?! Sounds like a win win to me! Plus the guy giving out hugs seems pretty nice!
by KyHuGs February 26, 2017
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