A female that will preform many sexual things to only one guy knowing that she is probably not the only one . She is not a hoe because she only does theese things with one male.
Guy1 : Yo Sarah gave me the mean blow job last night

Guy2 : Oh word ? Let me get that next

Guy1 : Naah Bro she a Personal Hoe
by Macapoin February 19, 2015
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A person who attracts many people romantically with their personality, but never actually gets into relationships or does any sexual acts. Personality Hoes tend to be funny, cute, and outgoing, and they usually have been in many “mental” relationships with no actual boyfriend/girlfriend.
Ava is such a Personality Hoe, she doesn’t get any action but for some reason all the boys have crushed on her at some point.
by urbanhoe23 May 7, 2019
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