A shit someone takes while having an emotional breakdown.
I think Sandra was taking a personal shit. The bathroom floor is covered in tears and it smells like death in there.
by superk13 June 24, 2016
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The term "Shit Person" derives from Australia and is used by a man/woman to express the great dislike of another man/woman without focussing on the qualities they find so undesirable. They just don't like this person because they are, in essence, shit.
"Hey Bob..."
"Yes Bill?"
"I slept with your girlfriend last night."
"What? You're just a fuckin shit person."
"Hmm, harsh but true."
by Notgettingmuchatm March 5, 2006
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Bearded Jesus looking type of gentleman who cannot control his bowel movements and thus deficates on people’s lawns like an annoying neighbours cat
Person who shits in gardens
by Dangermou5e October 15, 2020
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