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Many Persian Jews moved from Tehran, Iran to Los Angeles, California (Tehrangeles). Persian Jews left Iran during and after the Iranian Revolution of 1979, due to the discrimination they faced as Jews in the Islamic republic of Iran. Many Persian Jews moved to LA to have a better life for their families. Many are either doctors, lawyers, or in real estate and are doing well financially. Persian Jews celebrate Shabbat every Friday night with gondi, gormehsabzi, pollo, tadig and other traditional Persian/ Jewish foods. Persian Jews have huge families and they are all pretty much related so mehmonis (parties) are always lit. Persian Jews are usually short but most of them are good looking. You can find Persian Jews at Beverly Hills High school, SMC, UCLA and USC and at Sinai temple.
*sees someone who doesn’t look white in their smc class*
You: Hey are you Persian?

Them: lol ya
You: are you Jewish?
Them: ya I’m a Persian Jew like everyone else
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by PersianJew from Beverly Hills October 05, 2018
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A Persian Jew is actually an Iranian Jew*. They can be found in tiny apartments in Westwood and Beverly Hills. They scrap nickels and dimes just to drive their German cars but never donate to any charities except for Jewish foundations. They are the most narrow minded out of their Hebrew counterparts because they derive from a Muslim nation with outdated Islamic traditions incorporated into their daily lives. Iranian Jews have thicks skulls and no respect towards people of other backgrounds. Their men look like women and their women resemble to men. Short, thick, dark, and ugly. Iranian guys are huge wussies and can't fight- the only thing they can do is talk shit behind your back. 99.9% of them are primitive and well-versed in the ability to bs. Beware.
That Persian Jew just cut me off in his Mom's C-class.
by speakingfromexperience January 06, 2015
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