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A school with nutty teachers but are nice at the end of the school year.
There are kids are are super rude and weird but some kids are super nice...
everyone is super tall there so if you''re not tall you're not tall, you're so out..
Normal kids in Normal classes will always get all the stinking awards so don't expect awards if you're smart. Teachers feel bad for them.
we also beat lanier kids at footbal ahaha
Omg that kid goes to pershing middle school because she looks rocking.
I could tell that kid goes to pershing middle school because he's trying to look cool by rolling his pants inwards..
by ifindyourdough July 23, 2009
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A school filled with kids and teachers.
Most of the kids that go to pershing goes to pershing because they didn't get accepted to Lanier, the arch rival of pershing and kids with supposely "unusually long fingers".

Perhsing is filled with kids who re so damn loud and annoying as hell. Only kids who act like them can take them. Perhsing is also filled with kids who are quiet and NOT annoying and is actually col to hang with.

Pershing is also ALSO filled with kids who live so close that they can arive any damn time they want to because they live so close. I'm one of them.

The most you can do is try not to pis the teachers off on a bad day. They take their anger off the kids. sometimes.
"omg tomy cn arrive any time he wants because he lives so close to Pershing Middle School"

"Lanier totally rocks and if I could have POSSIBLY GOT into the school, i wouldn't be stuck in this place."
by Forthelastdamntime August 12, 2009
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the home of the mighty pandas!

pershing is the middle school that has taught..or tired to teach a group of the most amazing people to ever venture out into the world of texas.
pershing has a colorfull staff or insaine or Exteamly insaine teachers.

The former principle Mr.Amos"mr.ANUS"
has formed the establishment into a unsucsessful and uneducated house of mad men.

thas why he fleed the state in 2008.

pershing had a chilled dress code up untill year 2007-08 year when the dress code changed to only khaki bottoms.
the students were not overly pleased.

kids here will attack if you do not cooperate to their wishes and you will cry.

have a fun day at your 1st day of middle school.
carry on the legacy.
"dem kidds at pershing middle school be krazzzyy huh?"
"yepp i heard dat dey be throwin slushies in the hall ways and pullin out weave!"
"mmmhmmmm guurl. all dem preggnant hoes like cece white ohh yeahhhz.."
"dem hoes be krazzy murders, tv cast crews, and that gurl who threw her babbie away on the plane!"
"dem some krazzy little kidds."
by i raped your mom hoe January 19, 2009
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