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1. The Persaverance Pub, commonly referred to as 'PERSA' is located at 196 Brunswick Street Fitzroy and is probably the only full blown 90s club left in the southern hemisphere.

2. Heavily populated by drunken bogans and morons who have been denied access to semi-decent venues in the area, thus met with open arms into the mighty persaverance.

3. Absolute rubbish in theory however with the right mix of alcohol, low standards and poor decisions it turns into an overly crowded shit hole where you can dance like a retarded lizard to 90s classics and not loose an ounce of dignity.

4. The kitchen is the cloak room and the clerk is out of your league.

5. 76% of the dance floor is coated in broken glass

6. The DJ takes no requests, the ipod is set on shuffle

7. Dont bother rocking up after 11pm unless you have sweet hook ups.

8. No one seems to know when the beer garden cuts off at any stage during the year, they seem to rotate the times from week to week.

9. The blokes toilet has one cubicle which often dosent have a seat or a functioning lock and some freak takes power dumps in there without fail. Which is made more hilarious by the fact that the toilet paper is always soaked in beer and urine.

10. The band Neon Sex doesn't exist.

11. Groups all wearing stripe t-shirts are widly frowned upon

12. The Hot Dogs outside after 3am shoudnt be served to anybody

13. Do yourself a favor and dont check your bank statement after a night at the mighty persaverance
Common phrases heard at the mighty persaverance:

Did you hear about that guy? The guy with the singlet who got locked in the toilets at persaverance and had to bust his way out?

Dude did you hear they played dammit and all the small things? It literally blew a hole through the dance floor

Can you smell that? Man who pinched a log in that cubicle again

I hurts me to say this.....but at 2:50am I was involved in a war cry last night at the persaverance

I think Trace Cyrus was crowd surfing during daft punk and kicked me straight in the face, what a great night at the persaverance!
Where did the hand soap go?

by The Vanderlay Boys February 01, 2010
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