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(Adjective.) Describes a sexual experience in which sexual expectations by the reciever have been so completely blown out of the water that a heterosexual becomes homosexual, a homosexual becomes heterosexual, or the person simply can't shut up about what just happened to them. Symptoms include constant sexual craving, stalking, nymphomania, soreness, stiffness/moisture, and an irreverable positive outlook on life. Characterized by the giver bringing their "A-Game".
1) That woman was married for 20 years until she got it Perrotta Style and now she won't stop calling Alicia!

2) My ribs hurt! Giving it Perrotta Style all night makes me so sore the next day!

3) I can't give it to her Perrotta Style every night! I'm only human!

4) I like my hot dogs "all the way". I like my sex "Perrotta Style".
by Jacob T. Perrotta January 27, 2009
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