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Eternity single, or a feeling you've get when not having a boyfriend/girlfriend for a very long time.
1:Becca: Did you hear Tommy got ANOTHER girlfriend!?

Jamie:Damn! And here I am, perma-single!

2:Status: Perma-single.
by RachelDanielle July 29, 2008
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The state of being single "forever". Applies both to those who simply can't seem to be able to find someone to be with (involuntary permasingles) and to those who are purposefully choosing to be single for any number of reasons, such as career, asexuality, etc. (voluntary permasingles).
There may come a time when it becomes preferable to grab the bull by the horns and choose to be permasingle rather than to allow yourself to get devastated by disappointments after disappointment with all the wrong people.
by minagica June 04, 2015
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