Panties that girls wear, that are not cute, during their period, or menstral, so they don't ruin the pretty ones.
I have a separate drawer for my period panties.
by Longitude August 09, 2007
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Noun: Some what ratty underwear, panties, Girls, bitch, wear when having their menstrual cycle, period, so they don’t spoil their good undies. Typically these panties are heavily crotch stained due to leakage of tampons and/or pads, rags,. Most likely the family dog loves to chew the crotch of these panties, crotch rot
I'm on the rag so I'm waring my period panties.
Its that time of the month again, I'm wearing my P.P's
by chris56M December 15, 2005
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Any of the waterproof panties for use to prevent leaks while on period(menstrual cycle), such as Remii Period Panties, and Vv SkiVvys Rochelle's panties. These can be in many colors,too.
by Clina September 03, 2010
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