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the study of multicultural gift-giving behaviors throughout history of assigning specific meanings to nature's treasures, including, gemstones, flowers, fruits, vegetables, colors, trees and the elements.
1. Madame Chalwers (1848) was one of the first floriographers to copyright that the language of flowers was found in the multi-pedaled garden hyacinth flower.
2. Peribos is constructed from the O.G. for garden hyacinth (περιβος ηυακιντος: peribos hyakintos)
3. Using Chalwers' description, perib-os now represents all symbolic assignments of gifts, the study of which is peribology.
What is the peribology behind the snapdragon?
- Well, I'm glad you asked. In 1838, Choberl copyrighted the flower as meaning 'presumptuous'. It has come to signify a 'dangerous lady,' in today's culture of the United States. At the same time, herbologists understand that the flowers boiled in water makes a tea that can relieve symptoms associated with TMJ syndrome.
So then what does it mean?
- Peribology believes that the closer we can get to the original ideas laid down by European Floriography we can attain a more accurate understanding of the original intentions for ascribing ideas to specific articles of nature's treasures. Since Choberl was the first to copyright the symbolic meaning, suggests that presumptuous is the appropriate meaning.
by February 05, 2014
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