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Part of speech : noun

Perfimism is an inclination to look for negative factors in everyday life and bring forward or implement ideas to overcome the negative factors to make life better. A perfimist believes, why be satisfied with what you have when you can make it better.

This attitude towards life, lies between optimism and pessimism. Looking at things with a pessimistic way helps in detecting flaws and then in an optimistic way the flaw should be removed. A pessimist would blame things around him and never try to change it, an optimist would be satisfied with things as they are and never try to upgrade. While a perfimist brings about change and makes life better.
Is the glass half empty or half full?

Optimist : β€œThe glass is half full.”

Pessimist : β€œThe glass is half empty.”

Perfimist(person with perfimism attitude) : β€œThe glass can be filled half more.”
by bmthomas December 16, 2009
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