An event in which hyperdistributism solves the transfinite line; creating a perfect capitalist-Marxist system.
Future perfect employs the transfinite line; in which the average of the squares of the distances between the ergodicic points and the transfinite line is equal to the tau of the slope of the line.

This is transfinite economics: a perfect solution to poverty.
by zanderfin December 8, 2019
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October 4th. A day to celebrate the most perfect wife in the entire world. Someone no one else in the universe could compare to
by admandu October 5, 2021
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How Donald Trump describes himself after taking a wholly untested, unproven, unapproved drug for COVID-19.
“I feel great — I feel, like, perfect,” Mr. Trump declared.
by Monkey's Dad October 7, 2020
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total perfection, so perfect you might explode looking at them
she is mind blowingly perfect
by cryaway September 27, 2020
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