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A technique for hijacking a forum thread that involves keeping the subject entirely on point but creating a level of immersion that overwhelms the original post--often to a comical extent. It works best if it is enthusiastic enough that the original poster feels the need to babysit the thread and try to participate in the discussion.

This technique was perfected on the forum Glocktalk in 2008 by three members, KilgoreTrout, MacG22, and TylerDurden. The orignal poster created a slow, uninvolving thread about watching a pepper rot on his windowsill. The three GT members then engaged in passionate discussion about peppers, pepper artwork, growing techniques, and etc.

The effect is often hysterical for those creating the pepperthread, but others seem to remain oblivious or feel they have simply encountered officionados on various topics.

Pepperthreads are often informed through quick but thorough research using Google.
"Did you see the thread on panama hats? It's time for a pepperthread."
by WillTaylor August 18, 2008
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