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To recieve a blowjob while taking a shat and having your partner rub pepper in your nose in order to sneeze. The goal here is to experience three satisfying feelings at the same time.
example 1-
1:"Dude, I think she loves me"
2:"Why do you say that?"
1:"Because she gave me the Pepper John Shotput last night"
2:"Wow, that is love... I guess I love my Dad then."
1:"umm....not supposed to Pepper John Shotput your dad dude"
2:"Oh, I'm an asshole"
example 2-
Girl: "Come on honey, I'm horny!"
Guy: "I don't know babe, I have to Cleveland Browns to the super bowl"
Girl: "Okay, I'll Pepper John Shotput you, but you have to give me the Colorado Turnaround tonight"
Guy: "Okay, love you.
by Ben "Dover" June 14, 2007
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