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Gay-ass website that the class of 2011 basically started. High school kids start rumors and hate groups about kids at their local school because they don't have the balls to say it to their face.

Some of the users think its anoymous and so they say whatever shit they won't. Uknown to them, is that their IP Address can be tracked.
Stupid fucks.

1st post: are to dramatic.
2nd post: I KNOW RIGHT!!!!
(later, a few posts down)
4th post: REALLY? some of you black people are really fucking annoying too (i.e. *lists names of kids at school) so shut the f@%k up
5th post: but them white people are annoying as shyt. like forreal. there not like that, THEM WHITE GURLS R more annoying, and all they like to do is fk.
by Noylnn Dyccc May 28, 2009
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