A cynical statement used to point out that no matter how stupid someone is, they can still decide the fate of a country.
There are people who actually think that an almost eighty-year-old man who can't even walk up a flight of stairs without tripping or stumbling at least three times and can't go more than five minutes without uttering a non-sequitur or having a random emotional outburst and has a long, documented history of being extremely racially prejudiced whenever it's convenient to him is fit to run an entire country. And these people can vote.
by Someone who kinda exists May 29, 2022
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Hey, you guys are voting if you should let this word be published or not. But, are you eating well? Are you staying healthy? It’s pretty late isn’t it? Go to sleep...
Hey people voting ily
by Ihylol August 12, 2020
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When your fucking idiot friend think people need to vote on a word to be in the Urban Dictionary
Dude pretz put it on urban dictionary and people voted
by DrPeopleVoted July 10, 2019
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