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(Trini definition) An addict. Obsessed. Overly obsessed actually. Usually applies to some sort of activity concerning some sort of material item that leads to a wasteful degeneration of time (and space)... if that's even possible. We're not talking about the kind of OCD obsessions that plagues first-world nations. This is third world business... usually Peongs are fashioned by wasteful material needs of first world nations, but limited access to these amenities results in overzealous abuse of whatever they can get their hands on.
(Person 1) Aye boy... I didn't see James whole week, and teacher say he not handing in his homework! Wham to him?
(Person 2) Like yuh doh know or what? He is a real game Peong from long time. De only ting dat could get him off dat screen is a good clout. Buh sometimes dat doh stop him.
by vegetteble August 02, 2012
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