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Someone who will support Pentatonix (PTX) in anything they do. They will stick with the band through thick and thin. They are die-hard fans.
PTX Fan- Pentatonix is soooo awesome! Did you know that they are an instrument free band?
Pentaholic- I know that Pentatonix won the Sing-Off season 3. There are five members, 4 guys and 1 girl. Kirstin (Kirstie) Maldonado, Scott Hoying, Mitchell (Mitch Grassi, Kevin (KO) Olusola, and Avriel (Avi) Kaplan. And a million other things that you wouldn't understand yet.
PTX Fan- .... What do they even call their fans? PTX Fans?
Pentaholic- -__- .... You know nothing.
by #TeamMeat February 19, 2014
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A person who is COMPLETELY OBSESSED with Pentatonix; a term for Pentatonix fanpeople. Can be identified by a person who always wants to listen to Pentatonix, who dislikes the original of PTX's songs that they covered, can spell Maldonado without missing a beat, know the current color of Mitch Grassi's hair, and a person who can be relied on to say something related to Pentatonix in almost every sentence. Aviously.
Pentaholic: Have you seen K.O.'s new chelloboxing vid yet?
Person: Who is K.O.?
Pentaholic: K.O. Nickname for Kevin Olusula, the beatboxer of the amazing two-time Grammy winning Season 3 winners of the Sing-Off. K.O. is a chelloboxing Yale graduate who Aviously is fluent in Chinese...
Friend: Here they go again...

People: Look at those Pentaholics talking about Penta-Con! Pentatonix is so cool!
Pentaholics: *Whispering to each other* They speak our people.

*Turn heads to People* Did you say Pentatonix?
by PTXLover15 June 14, 2016
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