A phrase used to describe the murder of 5 naps on league of legends who thought they could gank you.
Nab 1: ok you guys, follow me, I'm pro and pretty sure that nobody is in that bush.

Owner: DEMACIA!!!!

"Penta kill!"

Nab 2: rage quit
Nab 3: rage quit
Nab 4: rage quit
Nab 5: rage quit

(also check out Penta rage quit.)
by Santhor October 24, 2011
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To kill 5 players of the same team consecutively
“He got a full squad wipe that’s a penta kill
by Stepsis-ardi July 20, 2020
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When you get a Quadra kill on League of Legends but someone on your team steals the last kill.
Ashe : Kill
Ashe : Double Kill
Ashe : Triple Kill
Ashe : Quadra Kill
Sona : Kill ( Troll )

Ashe : You penta kill cock block'd me
by LeagueOfLegendsTrollers February 17, 2013
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