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The pennyatrator strives for sexual encounter and sees potential in any scenario. The term is not gender specific and has many properties attributed to that of a player, or pickup-artist. The origin of the term remains a mystery.

A pennyatrator will be well rehearsed in tactics in demonstrating sexual interest to the target(s). This often begins within mere seconds of a target being chosen.

If you feel you have been targeted by a pennyatrator, the chances are you've probably just stumbled upon a run of the mill player. The pennyatrator rarely gives a target time to react before striking.

Fending off a pennyatrator can be achieved though care should be taken as counter tactics are second nature for one well versed in the ways of the pennyatrator.
Wow, that pennyatrator never stops!
by Enrybmada February 09, 2013
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