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Penn Valley is one of the richest areas in Pennsylvania along with Gladwyne. Tho Penn valley takes no recognition because it is so small and exclusive it doesn't have it's own zip code so it must share with much lower class but still very expensive area to the average American called Narberth. The Penn Valley Area is where most celebrities live in the main line. Movie stars, directions, singers and especially professional athletes fill the multi million dollar homes, while others are just old money. The multi million dollar homes are most likely large stone estates with nice patios, tennis courts, pools, gardens and fountains in the backyard. The area is filled with Wasps, Japs and all round preppy. The people in penn valley tote around their Louis vitton, coach, chanel, Gucci, and Kate spade bags around like that is what the normal 12 year old girl posses. All of them cannot put down their iPhone wearing a colorful speck/kate spade/berklin cases because they are too busy instagraming, or imessaging other iPhone buddies. We are the only town in the world to think that blackberry usars are underprivileged. We wear only the finest designers and chanel makeup. The people are rich but not all of them are snobby and rude. That's Penn valley for you.
Tour guide: Penn valley and the rest of the main line was offered a real house wives but turned them down because their too classy?
Guy: wait really like Beverly hills? I want to live there.
by main line writer June 01, 2012
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This small suburban town in the greater Philadelphia area is quite dull. It contains no post office and one grade school. The occupaints share a zip code with either Narberth or Wynwood. There is no shopping in Penn Valley, aside from a strip mall on Montgomery Avenue (although this is arguably in Narberth.) The big houses are usually old and made of stone, although a few new ones have been built in the past 10 years, and on large lawns, so one does not usually befriend the neighbors. The people who live here are either retired or 30 somethings with young children. Many celebrities or sports players choose to live here for the privacy. For example, Allen Iverson built a house on a private drive here.
Allen Iverson built a house Penn Valley
by hellotherereaders178 June 13, 2009
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