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Meaning 1.
The act of placing one's penis between to buns and offering it as a meal. Usually leads to some form of oral sex.

Meaning 2.
Also used in the phrase "I'd like a penis burger with extra penis" to poke fun at fast food chains and their dodgy food.
Example 1.
"I got a burger right here for you baby, A penis burger"

Example 2.
Cashier "Can I take your order please?"
Customer "I'd like a penis burger with extra penis, large fries and a thickshake"
Cashier "We don't have any penis burgers on the menu, sir.
Customer "What kinda place is this? I just want a fucking penis burger with extra penis... is that so fucking hard?"
by TROYum May 04, 2005
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The art of folding your penis to resemble a burger. Achieved by folding the cock between the balls and under to the backside of the ball sack, gripping to hold in place and rotating 90 degrees. Relish, cheese or sauce can be added as desired.
Girl "I fancy a burger"
Boy "I got this penis burger you can have"
*gets out penis burger*
by davooo October 08, 2013
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